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INOHJUDAN 2012-2020

안녕하세요, 이노주단 입니다.
Inohjudan is a garment making and art project team found by In Oh in 2012 February.

Inohjudan create Korean traditional clothing called HANBOK based on 17th-19th century the Joseon Dynasty's life style, culture, and clothing. Study to redesign and aim to find our own way of designing Hanbok with care under 'PROJECT SHOP. Experiment between modern and tradition, wearable and art under project 'researc'H''.

Launched 'SUMMER Project' and opened online shop in 2015 June to introduce real 'Life Style Hanbok' to get close to our everyday life.

Keep studio based production from Seoul and Los Angeles. We draw and we make! by TEAM INOHJUDAN.

2018, Japan

2018 Dongchoon market

2018 Younhyun Bomulchango

2017 Younhyun Hands artist market

2017 Join Ddingulmarket on/off line

2017 Main studio move to Los Angeles

2016 "Hall'oinoh" project

2016 Tumblbug x Inohjudan project

2016 'Korean Cultural Festival-한국 문화재의 달 패션쇼' Fashion Show in Hongkong

2016 Knit x Inohjudan, researc'H' in London

2015 'Inohjudan' atelier open in Los Angeles

2015 'IOJD' summer project

2014 'Hanbok, effloresce-한복, 꽃피다' - 한복의날 패션쇼 Fashion Show in Seoul

2013 "Sorry to Nooae* 누에에게미안해" project

2012 "refinding market-시장의 재발견" exhibition

2012 February 22 'Inohjudan' studio Found by In Oh